In 2021 a predecessor PAC named Texas Nonpartisan PAC formed to address the takeover of local public schools by so-called “conservative” (extremist) trustees. In 2022, the plan was for other districts that had already been taken over by extremists to help draw a line in a neighboring school district to prevent its takeover and then proceed to take back the other districts.  That collaborative goal was not realized and a 4:3 extremist majority took over the board.

In 2023, working with other community organizations in the district, Texas Nonpartisan PAC helped bring out almost 20% more voters than had previously voted in the local elections.  Unfortunately, because the extremist board had changed from majority voting to plurality voting that year, a group of non-extremist conservative candidates split the vote and the extremist majority expanded to 5:2. 

Coalitions are notoriously fragile and this coalition was no exception.  Absent the planned assistance from neighboring districts, and volunteers in the local district dispirited and distracted with necessities in their own families, in January of 2024 the board of Texas Nonpartisan PAC voted to dissolve the PAC. 


In February of 2024, MustVoteToWin was established with more streamlined governance via an ad hoc advisory panel instead of a Board of Directors, and refocused goals.

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